Playstation Mobile - The thundering advance of Android/Vita development

Until just recently, I didn’t even know about about PlayStation Mobile. The mobile market has always been a bit standoff-ish with me due to little travel time, and a sufficient backlog of games across Consoles and PC. What I am finding out though, is that PlayStation Mobile is a project to have developers sign on to the service to create content for the Anrdoid/Vita mobile content platform.

┬áThis has been announced by Sony during Gamescom and there is a crazy amount of developers attached to this already, with Vlambeer (Super Crate Box) previously known to be working on Playstation Mobile content. Some “out of left field” companies include THQ, Tecmo Koei, Sega, and Q? Entertainment. With 39 internation companies and 46 Japanese companies signed up so far (as of Aug 14th) there looks to be a good amount of content coming down the pipe. It looks to be a good day to own an Android/Vita.

Full list of the companies (both Japanese and International) are here